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COVID-19: Fighting the Pandemic

In the current worldwide COVID-19 crisis, HEIMANN Sensor has become one of the key players in fighting the spread of the quickly developing pandemic by manufacturing sensors and sensor modules that are used in fever thermometers or fever screening systems.

Not only hospitals, medical practices and pharmacies increasingly use non-contact, infrared thermometers for indicating potential Corona patients. Even in more and more companies and public areas around the world, handheld portable fever thermometers become the tool of choice for accurate fever detection.

Temperature screening systems, which are permanently installed at entrances of airports, companies, public buildings, schools or other institutions, can automatically detect elevated body temperatures from greater distances. In all these tools, HEIMANN Sensor products like the HMS M21 for contactless thermometers or HTPA32x32 and HTPA 80x64 for fever screening systems provide the centerpiece.

On top, HEIMANN Sensor is one of the very few producers of special, fast reacting CO2 gas sensors, which are installed in capnography devices, incubators and respiratory equipment. As a small percentage of coronavirus patients develop severe health issues including acute respiratory illnesses, their survival depends on the continuous monitoring of their lung function in intensive care stations. Hence, HEIMANN’s production of gas sensors has become crucial in the worldwide health care.

Consequently, the demand for HEIMANN Sensor products has increased exponentially during the past few weeks. While it was already challenging to meet the growing demand in the beginning of 2020, the near shut-down of the economy in Malaysia mid-March, where two of the main assembly lines of HEIMANN Sensor are located, were dramatic.

After proofing systemic importance to the Malaysian government, HEIMANN Sensor was granted special permission for reopening part of the assembly line. Still, HEIMANN Sensor keeps fighting for the complete reutilisation and expansion of its capacities in its main assembly lines. HEIMANN Sensor and its employees have long ago recognized that their input and supply of sensor and sensor modules in the current worldwide Corona crisis has outreached economic benefits, but play a significant role in the global containment of COVID-19 and the lifesaving of patients.

New 120x84 pixel Infrared Thermopile Array

Heimann Sensor is the world technology leader in infrared thermopile arrays for person detection and thermal imaging. Thermopile arrays can be used without any shutter or external cooling, which means they are low power, low maintenance and low cost products.

Heimann offers the full range of thermopile arrays starting from small to medium to large sized arrays. Our smallest 8x8 arrays fit inside a TO-46 housing and can be used for example for non-contact body temperature measurements from distances of 30cm to 1m. Our medium sized arrays with 16x16 and 32x32 thermoelectric elements fit well inside a TO-39 housing and are best for low resolution thermal imaging applications like person detection and counting for intelligent HVAC, burglar alarms or hot spot detection in household applications like stove top monitoring.

Our largest sensor so far was the 80x64 array inside a TO-8 housing, available with all kinds of different optics with an ultra-wide field of view of 120x90 degree and a narrow field of view of 12x9 degree for far distances. This sensor has a 6 pin SPI interface for fast data transmission which allows framerates of 30 Hz and more.

Our latest development is an even higher resolution thermopile array with 120x84 elements. The beauty of this new array is the reduced pixel pitch, which is now 60 μm instead of 90 μm. This results in similar focal plane dimensions for both the 80x64 and 120x84 array. Thanks to same TO-8 housing and 6 pin SPI interface this facilitates a drop-in solution to replace the 80x64 with the 120x84 array. If you are already using the 80x64 array, you can just replace it with the 120x84 array to have better resolution while the hardware remains unchanged except for the software. First prototypes are already available and the results are very promising as you can see on the following images.


Examples images of new HEIMANN 80x64 thermopile array

Heimann Sensor is proud to release some interesting facts and thermal images to the public, taken by our new 80x64 thermopile array sensor. We reduced the pitch between two thermopile pixels down to only 90µm and a lot of improvements related to the on board CMOS circuitry had been done.

Enjoy some of the snapshots we recently took during development using our available Application Set: